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Aeration membrane PUM 68

The PUM 68 aeration membrane is a polyurethane membrane with specific openings allowing for air release in the form of fine bubbles ensuring aeration of the required medium, usually mixed liquor at  wastewater treatment plants.

If there is sufficient volume of blown air and optimal tank bottom coverage with aeration elements, the even bubble distribution results in the medium stirring and sludge is maintained in suspension. 

Given the properties of the applied polyurethane, our membrane is highly flexible and resistant which ensures, along with the design and density of perforation, high resistance to the chemical and microbial composition of wastewater as well as automatic drainage and resistance to incrustation.

Good oxygen utilisation is reflected in economic operation of aeration systems fitted with these membranes.

The membrane features a long service life provided that the recommended water temperature up to.

To determine the OC, use was made of a cylinder-shape tank, diameter of 0.6 m and usable height up to 4.5 m with a maximum volume of V = 1.27 m3.  As regards the measurement for PUM 68, the filling height was 4.2 m and the volume totalled 1.19 m3. The bubble track is 3.9 m. Active element length (membrane length) is 0.4m.

Aeration membrane
Determination of aeration membrane oxygenation capacity
PUM 68 (2016)              
Qa m³/h.m 1,4 3 5,25 9,15 10,95 13,95
SOTR g/h.m 225 325 500 650 750 925
SOTE % 51,79 37,21 31,4 23,79 22,54 22,28

Qa (m³ (cubic meters of air)/m(meters of the membrane).h(hour))